alas 1 paper is a hole in Miles’ 100 mattress stack of output, photons spray away

this paper contains a babe for sure Theresa, the rest of this iteration is bath water, a re reading would be needed ro fish out non related good details.

Miles, u can subtract 47/48 pages from your grand total.
Theresa Duncan is dead & your paper cannot & did not undone this.
I don’t know who suggested this paper, does not matter.
I am a good reader, nearly every single paper on your art site, many twice. Tons of input, I throw emails at Miles like a kitchen sink or a buffet after service.Speaking of which, all u can eat buffets were closed for a year, this was fringe benefit.

When Theresa answered the door to me 1664 Park Rd NW WDC.
I said to myself “I live here!” I had to know what went on behind that door.
When I moved in Theresa worked at Magnet Interactive & had created Chop Suey with Monica Gesue.
Theresa moved to NY & did 2 more games on her own Smarty & Zero Zero.Games aimed at 11 year old girls.I am 51 & would play them if I had a working laptop with the ancient iOs & electricity, Currently camped on Cabrillo Ave in Venice, Theresa’s old street.While in NY Theresa also made a short animated film The History of Glamour.
This awesome flick expands on the spirit of the games.
Theresa has been with me this entire time, this is one of those things that began to dawn on me. She was ever present with me. I was not in love or lust with her. To me she is literally the greatest is all. No one like her, not even close.The moment she appeared at the door, was like in Weird Science when they created a woman.
Theresa did live in the rectory at St Marks. You can call them 12126746377. They may not now, but they at one time had space they rented out for people to live in & not cheap either.
Yes, I understand St Marks is a spooky place & Father Frank is obviously a spook to, as is his former spouse Nancy Jo Sales. I cannot help it, that Theresa crossed paths with these people.
If any of Miles genuine fans, fans of truth would like to remind themselves of what real grief looks likepay a visit to Mary Duncan in Royal Oak. Yes really! Mary, easy to find, a real person not 1/2 of an inside joke name. Donnie is more difficult to track down. Her brother Scott lives in Kansas City, MO & her sister Deanna lives in Birmingham.I remind you they are still hurt by Theresa being absent from their lives. Me, I wish she was here to hang out, she would love my set up, it could be an attraction in Smarty. Would be unreal to have her in the passenger seat again.
She fucked up, missing out on some cool sh!t. Had I seen her, she would have stuck around via a simple change in outlook, the slightest thing can alter a course. I am saying if she had simply seen me, she would be here now. Just because it would have been a reminder of something beyond words. I know this.However, as I said she is always present with me. I do not mourn in a common way. For me she is & I keep her spirit alive. It is possible she is my muse. I on her birthday I found cake, set in my path. I am out on bike before light, all I had to do was pick up the bag, I could sense cake & on m bday pizza & nice sandwiches.I don’t play scratchers, I do play ” what’s for breakfast?” other people’s leftover edition, laugh out loud.  This is one real life firsthand example of NOT CATCHING THEI PHONY HEEBIE JEEBIES. As I have saiid, I did everything under the sun to not avoid it.Door handles, public drinking fountain, cross walk buttons. 
Theresa also created Wit of the Staircase very early days of blogging. me it was a daily read, I love it, it is totally light & deep. Keep in mindMiles had yet to find door 3 himself, Theresa was aware of the many forms of Spooks Crowleyites etc. Controlled opposition, is a term I believe had not yet dawned on her, me either- 2007 I would have been thinking CIA, BLACK OPS bologna, Bush Killed JFK. See how they do it.What I did know, September 11 as presented was a lie.

So Miles can subtract these few pages from his grand total & in doing so expand his photon count with good shaking of his wrist,He was wrong about this paper, putting artist in quotes for this paper petty af.Theresa was an artist.
Art is human articulation a human artifact. Theresa’s games & the way she lived are emanating examples. At the door 1664 Park Rd what occured was recognition. I am both never & usually surprised by her. You really must see the games, games within games.

When I first came to Miles’ art sight looking for Manson paper, this was Sept 2015.A paper on my main homie Theresa was visible on the screen only a few papers earlier. 
I stopped reading before page 1, at the time I took exceptiom to what was sounding like Theresa did not exist.
Miles had his landline listed & I dialed him up right then. Yep, I have talked to the dewd.
“I don’t like talking to strangers” he said. “Me too”  said me, having just received a strange call about a bike* I was selling, the interested buyer was in Rhode Island.

From my pov, the dude is all about truth, thus the paper about my friend Theresa has no business being posted, it is not true. Theresa is dead. I wish Miles were right,
Again, I know what a grieving mother looks like & Mary Duncan knows what her dead daughter looks like.

Yay Gary 
Mary Duncan’s tumblr

*I later suggested Miles list his bikes for sale in San Francisco & shared with him, very low cost bike shipping.